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How to restore a scratched and dull vinyl plank floor overnight with Waxnomor and DuroPlus additive

by Dr. Schutz.

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This vinyl plank floor, located in the City of Calgary, was needing to be waxed and polished every 2 weeks and was badly scratched and unsightly.

To replace the floor was going to cost allot of money. The costs involved for the labor to remove it, park and permit a large disposal bin on a busy downtown street, shop for a cost effective flooring replacement, level and seal the floor, and install a new floor, were upwards of $80,000 for 12,000 sq ft. In addition, the 2nd floor of this municipality building was home to a large non profit tenant who was not able to close their facility outside of their weekends, for the downtime needed to do the job. As well, the floor was costing the City of Calgary $18,000 a year to polish, strip, wax, repeat every month or so took time and required allot of energy to manage.

How to restore a vinyl plank floor in Canada and the USA

Instead, the floor was restored overnight with Waxnomor with the DuroPlus additive by Dr. Schutz and from start to finish, the 12,000 sq ft floor cost only $26,000 to replace and took only 4 days over 2 weekends to prepare and install. No disruption to the tenants was required. See more before and after photos by Dr. Schutz.


Now the floor is protected against sliding tables and rolling chairs, and requires no maintenance to polish, wax or strip.

Step by Step Installation of Dr. Schutz Waxnomor with Duroplus additive.

available at or calling 1-604-346-0789

Here is the basic installation process for using Waxnomor with DuroPlus by Dr. Schutz. For full instructions read the labels careful on the products or call 1-604-346-0789 for installation support.

Step 1. Strip any wax from the floor.

TIP: Dry stripping with a square scrub or like machine is the fastest and least expensive way in our opinion. It removes the wax and abrades the floor in one step.

Step 2. Abrade floor to rough up the surface and level out deep scratches.

Step 3: Vacuum if necessary and clean the entire floor with a flat mop or auto-scrubber and use Dr. Schutz cleaner and then a fresh water rinse. Use fans if necessary and allow the entire floor to dry before coating floor. Less dry time is needed if the dry strip method is used.

Tip: For very porous floors such as older vct, old and heavily stripped vinyl or porous concrete, tile, terrazzo or stone, use Dr. Schutz Primer first. For smooth surfaces such as polished concrete or ceramic tile use Dr. Schutz Super Bond Primer first.

Step 4. Pour the cross-linker provided into the 5 liter jug of Waxnomor, shake, then add Duroplus additive to the same jug, and shake again. Let sit 10 minutes, then shake again.

Step 5. Pour the Waxnomor mixture straight from the jug onto the floor in a 'pour line'. Using the 9 inch roller provided, roll across the pour line, then roll cross-ways in 4 x 4 foot or longer rectangle areas as desired.

Tip: Make sure when you are first starting a job, to pour a bit on the floor to soak in and fill your roller first, before rolling out a pour line.

Step 6. Continue this pour and roll process across the floor until the floor is coated.

NOTE: If using Waxnomor 100, the 1 coat process, a 5 Liter jug covers 500 sq ft. If using Waxnomor 2 coat process, a 5 Liter jug covers 500 sq ft twice, and there is an approximate dry time of 2 hours between coats. Dry times will vary on level of humidity in the air and how an HVAC system is set for humidity. For example; in an electronic store where the HVAC system is set to maintain a low level of humidity in the air, then the dry time between coats could be as low as 1 hour.

Tip: Once the cross-linker is mixed you have up to 4 hours to use the product up, until the product in the jug begins to harden.

Tip: Dry times are, depending on humidity, 2 hours to walk across gingerly, 4 hours minimum open to walking and a recommended 6-12 hours before back to service.

Tip: For 2-3 days after coating the floor, don't allow spills to sit on the floor until the cure time and process has occurred.

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