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How to fix deep or fine scratches on a vinyl plank, pvc or hardwood floor.



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The ScratchFix floor repair kit by Dr. Schutz is a great Do It Yourself repair kit to fix deep or light scratches on these floor types: vinyl, vinyl plank, polyurethane coated hardwood floors or polyurethane factory finishes, or any surface or table top or chair with a polyurethane top coat or wear layer over the color, stain or print. (not suitable for use on waxed floors). The kit consists of 1 gel pen, 1 can of polyurethane spray, a scraping spatula, abrasive pad, cloth and a video to show how to use it. The kit has enough product to fix approximately 20-30 scratches per kit. Perfect for home owners, trades men, contractors and retail stores. The final result is a matte finish.

You can watch the video here at

And also purchase the kit by calling 1-604-346-0789.

Bulk pricing is available for flooring stores, and distributors are welcome

TIP: For deep scratches, use the pen to fill in the scratch and brush the liquid into the groove, then use a hair dryer to speed up the drying time. This will evaporate the moisture applied and make the solids lay flat across the scratch to fill in better. Repeat with gel pen if needed.

TIP: Start by using the spatula across the scratch, and use the abrasion pad to slightly rough up the surface around it. Then use the spray to blend in the final look. Although it's final finish is matte, it also works great on satin or gloss finish floors.

TIP: If you think the scratch is still noticeable, wait a few days. After the moisture has evaporated from the product applied, any marks or ridges seem to disappear. Repeat the process if necessary.

Call 1-604-346-0789 to place an order. Distributors welcome.

Please Note: this item is not duty free to Canada.

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