• Fresh floors without frustration.



    For use on these floors types:

    V.C.T., P.V.C., rubber, epoxy, sheet vinyl, vinyl plank, hardwood, parquet, stone, glass,

    ceramic and porcelain tile, cement and epoxy terrazzo, porous or polished concrete.


  • Shop our floor coating solutions.

    Voted as "Best products in the flooring industry." Europe 2010, Dr. Schutz offers a variety of flooring solutions for problems such as scratching, worn and scratched, dull, slippery, replacement without ripping old floor out... and more.

    Over 430 million ft2 of floor are coated worldwide with Dr. Schutz.

    Available to home owners, facility staff, contractors and distributors.

    To place an order or technical support, USA and Canada, call 1-604-346-0789 or EMAIL US

    Scratchfix DIY Scratch Kit

    Pen and Spray Kit, fixes deep or fine scratches on vinyl or polyurethane floors.

    Now you can eliminate scratches and stress whitening on PVC floors and other resilient floor coverings. 1 Kit with pen filler for deep scratches, and spray (matte) for blending and fine scratches. Fixes 20-35 scratches / kit. ScratchFix is not made in the USA/Nafta.

    Watch our "how to" video

    Waxnomor Kit / PU Sealer

    5 Liter Kit w/rollers. Permanent Coating.

    A hard wearing, 2 component polyurethane with crosslinker. 1 or 2 coats of Waxnomor, protects floors and eliminates the need to polish, wax or strip a floor. Also perfect for hardwood, polished or porous concrete. Available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss, and with addition of DuroPlus, matte.

    Kit comes with crosslinker and 2 rollers (4"&9")

    Spread rate 500 ft2/coat. 4 hour bucket time.

    Suggested re-coat in 3-6 years. Made in the USA.

    Marknomor Kit/ PU Anticolor

    5 Liter Kit w/rollers. Permanent coating.

    A hard wearing, 2 component polyurethane with crosslinker. 1 or 2 coats of Marknomor provides superior stain and chemical resistance. Eliminates polishing, waxing and stripping.

    Kit comes with crosslinker and 2 rollers (4"&9")

    Spread rate 500 ft2/coat. 4 hour bucket time.

    Suggested re-coat in 3-6 years. Made in the USA.

    Secura Hard Sealer

    5 Liter. Single component. 18 month sug. recoat.

    Satin. A low cost polyurethane solution that resists normal wear and never needs polishing. Apply with microfiber finish applicator mop. Spread rate 500 ft2/coat or as desired. Made in the USA.

    Ultra High Shine Sealer

    5 Liter. Single component. 18 month sug. recoat.

    Gloss. A low cost polyurethane solution that resists normal wear and never needs polishing. Apply with microfiber finish applicator mop. Spread rate 500 ft2/coat or as desired. Made in the USA.

    Medica Hard Sealer

    5 Liter. Single component. 18 month sug. recoat.

    Matte. A low cost polyurethane solution that resists normal wear and never needs polishing. Apply with microfiber finish applicator mop. Spread rate 500 ft2/coat or as desired. Made in the USA.

    Floor Mat

    5 Liter. Acrylic. Suggested re-coat yearly.

    Mat finish. A fast, low cost solution, acrylic sealer Lasts about 1 year with normal wear and can be polished to remove fine scratches, and stay matte.

    Spread rate 500 ft2 per coat.

    Apply with microfiber finish applicator mop. Made in the USA.



    Floor Shine

    5 Liter. Acrylic. Suggested re-coat yearly.

    Gloss finish. A fast, low cost solution. Acrylic sealer. Lasts about 1 year with normal wear and can be polished to increase shine and remove fine scratches. Spread rate 500 ft2 per coat.

    Apply with microfiber finish applicator mop. Made in the USA.


    5 Liter. Available in 960 colors

    4 hour bucket time.

    A 2 component, roll out color for any type of floor. Use for safety lines, stair nosing or completely redesign your existing floor. Don't throw it out! Use ColorRize and reduce costs and time of replacement,

    Kit comes with crosslinker and 2 rollers (4"&9")

    Spread rate 500 ft2/coat. Made in the USA.

    DuroPlus Ceramic Additive

    1 Liter liquid additive.

    Liquid additive, increases our coatings of Waxnomor and Marknomor, to be 10 times stronger. The combination rolled out on a floor, stands up to heavy traffic, salt, sand, even rolling and sliding tables and chairs.

    Suggested re-coat in 5-10 years.

    Slipnomor Texture Additive

    440 grms texture additive.

    Increases our permanent coating's wet slip coefficient of friction as high as 1+ ASTM. Add to either Waxnomor or Marknomor, with or without DuroPlus addivie, and roll out evenly. This is not a broadcast medium. Not found to have wet drag from mops. Perfect for areas with liquids, produce, meat or powders such as flour.

    Dr. Schutz Cleaner

    5 Liter. All purpose. Leaves a shine with use.

    Removes dirt, fat, grease and shoe marks. Does not leave a residue. Light fresh scent. Perfect to use before installing our coatings, and after for general maintenance, and also factory-cured floors coverings. Concentrated, dilute with water 40:1 - 400:1 depending on needs.

    Standard Primer

    5 Liter. Use first on porous surfaces.

    For use on hardwood, heavily stripped vinyls and porous concrete, prior to coating Waxnomor and Marknomor so as to not sacrifice your first coat Leaves a nicer finish. Spread rate varies on porosity. For hardwood, sand between coats. Cleans with water. Made in Germany.

    Super Bond Primer

    5 Liter. Use first on non-porous surfaces.

    A water proprietary primer for use on non porous surfaces such as tile, polished concrete, terrazzo, to create a superior bond with our coatings. Roll out evenly over floor prior to coating ColorRize, Waxnomor or Marknomor, with or without additives. Spread rate varies. Cleans with water. Made in Germany.

    Waxnomor UV cured Sealer

    Walk on immediately - UV Cured

    Waxnomor UV, when cured with a UV machine, offers immediate return to service. Perfect for areas that can't close to traffic, such as airports, shopping areas, factories and more.

    Disinfectant Cleaner

    5 Liter. Medical disinfectant.

    For use on floors and the antiseptic wiping of hard water resistant surfaces in public health, food and animal feed area, schools, restaurants, hospitals and care facilities. Kills bacteria, fungus, algae and viruses. Free of solvents. Liquid concentrate. Very light scent.

    Turbo Stripper

    5 Liter.

    Concentrated express stripper to remove care films from hard sealers, quickly, thoroughly and odorless. Perfect for multi-layers of wax as well as releasing agents and residues from rubber floors. Short standing time.

    Dr. Schutz Stripper

    5 Liter. Stripper and cleaner.

    A mild but concentrated cleaning agent for cleaning and stripping newly installed or heavily soiled vinyl, linoleum, rubber and resin floors. Removes the old care products and adhesive residue.

    Renew - Cleaner

    Renew grout and tile to like new condition.

    A superior cleaner for grout and tile. Use alone to refresh grout lines or prior to piping on Renew Color in the grout lines. Seal with Waxnomor or Marknomor, with or without DuroPlus or Slipnomor additive, in clear if desired. Made in the USA.

    Renew - Grout Color

    Recolor grout and tile to like new condition.

    Refresh grout lines by piping or wiping on Renew Color. 86 grout colors to choose from. For best results use Renew cleaner to prepare the surface. Hand paint to seal grout after or seal with Waxnomor or Marknomor, with or without DuroPlus or Slipnomor additive, in clear if desired. Made in the USA.

    Renew - Release

    Use on small tiles with Renew grout color.

    Wipe on Renew Release, over small 1 inch (or like) tiles, for release of Renew grout color when wiped off, instead of piping application. Speeds up the grout coloring process only needed for small tile. Made in the USA.

    Sample books vinyl or LVP

    Customer sample book - makes selling easier

    Use our professionally made sample books to keep in your truck, briefcase or on your showroom floor to show your customers the various sheen's, textures and look and feel of our coatings on samples. Available on blue vinyl sheet or Luxury Vinyl Plank (hardwood print) Approximate 6" wide x 10" long.

    XtraFill Hardwood Gap Filler

    Mix with sawdust - Accepts Color

    Be sure to watch the video below on this fantastic product. Mix XtraFill with sawdust from your floor's restoration process, and scree across the hardwood floor to fill in gaps, cuts and scrapes. Accepts color from stain.

    Disinfectant Cleaner

    Perfect for hospitals, kitchens or bathrooms.

    Dr. Schutz Disinfectant Cleaner is perfect for hospitals, care facilities, kitchens, bathroom floors and more.

  • Why renewal is better than replacement

    Don't you deserve a floor that performs well?

    Saves money

    Saves time

    Floors always look great

    Floors always look great

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    The fastest installation of an

    LED retrofit kit on the market.

    Safest LED lamp on the market today.

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  • Made in the USA

    New for 2018 - Most Dr. Schutz floor coatings are now made in the USA

    for fast duty free shipping to Canada.


  • Before and After

    See show how Dr. Schutz floors systems can save your floor instead of replacement.

    Old bathroom tile looks new overnight.

    This facility used Super Bond primer, 2 coats of ColorRize Gray and Marknomor.

    This bathroom restoration was fast and inexpensive and now provides a floor that is easy to clean without polishing, waxing or stripping, and final coat of Marknomor offers superior stain resistance against heavy urine issues. If Slipnomor was used, then a light texture finish could have provided a higher slip resistance.

    Scratched and worn out hardwood print LVT gets a facelift.

    The City of Calgary used Waxnomor with DuroPlus to save a lot of money.

    This floor was being waxed and stripped every 2 weeks due to heavy wear. Now the floor never needs polishing, stripping or waxing and the floor is protected from sliding tables and rolling chairs. Dr. Schutz coatings saved time and money and avoided having to rip up and dispose of a floor, plus it sped up the time back to service, and eliminated their monthly maintenance costs. Now the floor always looks and performs great.

    A complete gymnasium renovation in 2 days.

    Boyd Elementary used ColorRize and Waxnomor to redo their gymnasium.

    The entire floor was coated white and sidelines with ColorRize Red . Then the lines were painted in ColorRize black and red and 2 clear coats of Waxnomor were coated over top to protect. I now provides a slip coefficient of friction acceptable for sports floors.

    Don't rip it out. Use ColorRize overnight for a new floor fast.

    This classroom had a worn, sheet vinyl floor that was discolored and stained. Made new again overnight with ColorRize and Waxnomor.

    This floor saved 50% of replacement costs and will never need to be polished. Plus it's appearance look great for years. The new decorative logo in the middle is now protected against wear and cleaning the floor is easy. The floor was done overnight and lowered the back to service time and eliminated removal costs.

    Edmonton Mall brings back color and shine.

    Waxnomor 2 coat process in Gloss will never need polishing.

    This epoxy floor was dull and difficult to keep clean (section in lower part of photo) but after 2 coats of Waxnomor Gloss (top of photo) the colors became bright again. The shine was brought back to the day it was designed and this floor will never need polishing. It saved the beautiful epoxy floor mural and eliminated future scheduling, labor and costs associated with waxing and polishing .

  • Match your flooring problem to our Dr. Schutz solution.

    Slippery floors or stairs

    Slipnomor is an texture additive (not a broadcast medium) for use with Waxnomor or Marknomor. Rolls out a consistent slip resistance evenly throughout a floor. No wet drag when cleaning. Available in clear matte or satin.

    Heavy wear / salt & sand

    Add DuroPlus ceramic additive to either Waxnomor or Marknomor or combined with Slipnomor texture additive too. Now you have a clear wear layer on your floor that can stand up to heavy wear. Makes all our coatings a matte finish.

    Ugly grout and tile

    Renew 3 step process, recolors old grout (46 colors) and has a protective coating to resist deposits and wear and provide easy cleaning. Add Slipnomor to coatings for inside showers, bathrooms or around pools for a textured slip resistance.

    Eliminate waxing/stripping

    Waxnomor, Marknomor, Slipnomor and DuroPlus family of products are permanent coatings that never need polishing or stripping yet look great year round and reduce maintenance costs.

    Restore instead of replace

    By adding a clear coat of Waxnomor, Marknomor, Ultra Hard Shine, Secura mat, Medica and Floor shine to your existing floor, you can restore old flooring without having to rip it out and replace.

    Stair and ramp safety

    Use ColorRize in yellow along the stair nosing to create attention. Use Slipnomor over top of ColorRize to add a level of textured slip resistance that is easy to clean, without wet drag from mops.

    Static control with ESD

    Waxnomor ESD is a roll on electrostatic dissipation solution for use on VCT, concrete, tile, vinyl floors and more.

    Stains from tires or hair dye

    Marknomor is an proven stain resistant coating for use in car dealerships, hair salons and anywhere chemicals and stains are damaging your floor. Never polish.

    Replacement of floor

    ColorRize in 960 colors instantly makes your old floor new again without the labor and costs to remove or polish ever again. Add color chips or wrap roller for designs.

    Acrylic low cost protection

    Floor mat and Floor shine are the low cost, single component, acrylic solution to protect a floor for just pennies per square foot. Use a polisher to refresh 'Floor shine'.

    Lower Cost Maintenance

    Ultra Hard Shine, Secura mat and Medica Sealers are the step up from acrylic. Polyurethan based, low cost, single component. Use to restore a floor without waxing and stripping. Use Dr Schutz cleaner instead of polishing to fill fine scratches and increase shine with use.

    Concrete & terrazzo wear

    Use Floor matt and Floor shine for a low cost 1 year solution and Waxnomor or Marknomor for a long lasting (3 -6 year) solution with out the need to polish floors again. Use Dr Schutz cleaner instead of polishing to fill fine scratches and increase shine with use.

    Painted lines won't last

    ColorRize with Waxnomor w/Duroplus additive is an excellent, long lasting solution for painted safety lines that stand up to rolling loads, heavy wear and sliding items in warehouses, stockrooms, loading docks and more.

    Gaps & divots in Hardwood

    Xtrafill additive mixed with sawdust, then screeted over a hardwood floor, fill gaps and divots on any 'non oil' hardwood floor, and it accepts stain! Use Waxnomor or Marknomor over top for a polyurethane wear layer that lasts. Matte, Satin, Gloss.

  • Instructional Videos

    Watch, learn and enjoy! 1-855-662-6780 Support line.

    How to use ScratchFix

    Do it yourself and fix scratches

    This pen and spray removes deep scratches in vinyl floors

    How to remake a floor

    Remake old floors new again.

    This video shows you a wide variety of our coatings and how they work to save you money.

    3 anti slip solutions

    Slipnomor to Anti-Slip

    Choose from 3 anti slip products that make floors safe again.

    Tour our factory

    Visit our factory in Bonn Germany

    A sneak peek into our facility to see our operation and testing facilities.

    3 Demonstrations

    See how Dr. Schutz protects

    See how rolling chairs, scuff marks, and chemicals stand up to our coatings.


    Stain resistance from hair dye

    Perfect for hair salons and areas where harsh chemicals are used

    ColorRize decoration

    The spatula technique

    How to restore an old floor with a decorative spatula technique

    How to use XtraFill

    For hardwood floors

    Mix wood powder and Xtrafill to fill gaps in hardwood floors.

    How Super Bond works

    A primer for smooth tile

    Perfect for ceramic or porcelain tile or smooth polished concrete or terrazzo.

    Secura Hard Mat Sealer

    Fast and easy coatings.

    Use Secura for a fast low coat way to renew your floor and protect from wear.

    ColorRize Remake

    An old VCT floor is new again

    Use ColorRize 900 colors to restore old floors to new.


    Resists yellow stains from tires

    Use on floors where tires may stain the floor (plasticizer migration)


    Furniture glide systems

    8 designs to choose from. Which one suits your needs?

    Floor glide systems

    For tables and chairs

    Watch how our furniture glide systems protect your floors.

    Ink Transfer Designs

    200 designs to choose from

    Use Ink Transfers over ColorRize to create remarkable floors over your old floor.


    Learn this roller wrap technique

    Choose 2 ColorRize colors to make a fast and easy design pattern over your old floor and make new again.

    DuroPlus additive

    See how DuroPlus protects floors

    Added to Waxnomor and Marknomor this additive stands up to salt, sand and heavy traffic including rolling chairs.

    Turbo Strip

    Remove wax and dirt fast

    See how Turbo Strip compares to other strippers.

  • Contractors

    Dr. Schutz coatings are a great way to add value and additional products and services to your flooring and facility maintenance business.


    Call 1-604-346-0789 for pricing and to speak with

    a consultant today.

  • Who Uses Dr. Schutz?

    The following types of facilities have benefited from using Dr. Schutz floor coatings and solutions.

    For use on floor types: sheet vinyl, VCT, VAT, LVT, concrete, polished concrete, terrazzo, rubber, epoxy, stone, tile... more.

    Hospitals use Dr. Schutz, floor coatings and never polish again.

    Our permanent coatings eliminate waxing, stripping and polishing and resists bacteria.

    Hospitals use Marknomor with Slipnomor additive for operating rooms to provide superior slip resistance and chemical stain resistance. Waxnomor is perfect for hallways, emergency rooms, waiting rooms, patient rooms and cafeterias and these permanent finishes never need stripping or polishing. Hospital floors save labor, time and the environment. Waxnomor ESD for static dissipation, is perfect for rooms with sensitive electrical equipment.

    Supermarkets use Dr. Schutz floor coatings for superior wear.

    Our permanent no wax finishes work great and stand up to heavy foot traffic and shopping carts.

    Waxnomor works great on VCT, LVT, and sheet vinyl, as found in supermarkets, and reduces maintenance costs by eliminating repetitive labor of waxing, polishing and stripping. Waxnomor with DuroPlus additive over top of ColorRize yellow safety lines, works great on concrete in the back of house and stands up to sliding boxes and rolling loads. Waxnomor with Slipnomor textured additive is perfect for floors in the produce, bakery and meat departments, and is anti-slip with liquids and flour.

    Schools & universities use Dr. Schutz for so many reasons:

    Foot traffic, sliding tables and chairs, slip resistance and lowering labor costs are just a few reasons.

    Waxnomor with DuroPlus additive is the #1 floor system used in schools in a matte finish, that stands up to foot traffic, salt, sand, heavy wear, rolling chairs and eliminates the repetitive need for waxing, polishing and stripping. Slipnomor additive with Marknomor or Waxnomor adds texture to floors to increases slip resistance, with no wet drag from mops when cleaning. Waxnomor Gloss and ColorRize is the perfect solution in gymnasiums and approved for use in sports floors. The Dr. Schutz Renew tile and grout restoration system works great in change rooms or in bathrooms. For yearly to 18 month maintenance, our low cost acrylic and polyurethane solutions of Floor Shine, Floor Mat, Secura Hard Sealer and Ultra hard shine Sealer work great too. Use our coatings on walls for easier cleaning too!

    Offices use Dr. Schutz floor coatings to stand up to rolling chairs.

    When a floor needs to stand up to rolling and sliding tables and chairs, Dr. Schutz has the solution.

    Waxnomor with DuroPlus additive creates a wear layer of protection on any type of floor and yet stands up to rolling and sliding tables and chairs. Easy to clean, and never needs polishing, this coating can lengthen the life of your floor, save the colour, print or design from wear and always look great.

    Laboratories use Dr. Schutz for superior stain resistance and static.

    Waxnomor ESD creates a an electrostatic dissipative finish for sensitive equipment.

    Use Waxnomor ESD on many floor types to make them electrostatic dissipative and protect sensitive electronic equipment. This solution also comes in color, and can be applied to concrete, vinyls, VCT, epoxy and more.

    Cafeterias use Dr. Schutz floor coatings and never polish again.

    When protection from heavy traffic and sliding chairs, plus the ease of cleaning are important.

    Waxnomor with DuroPlus additive provides the durability a cafeteria floor demands and can also provide an extra level of slip resistance with the Slipnomor additive is used. For a new floor overnight, use ColorRize in 960 colors to restore any floor, without ripping it out. Use our lower cost floor solutions such as Floor mat, Floor Shine, Ultra Hard Sealer, or Secura Hard Sealer, with a yearly to 18 month maintenance refresh protocol.

    Transportation uses Dr. Schutz floor coatings for buses and trains.

    When a floor needs to stand up to salt, sand and heavy foot traffic, Dr Schutz has the solution.

    Waxnomor with DuroPlus additive works on vinyl and rubber floors found in trains and buses. Use Sliponomor texture additive to create a superior slip resistance. Can last up to 10 years without re-coating and never needs polishing, or stripping.

    Municipalities use Dr. Schutz floor coatings for lower maintenance.

    The superior shine of Waxnomor over terrazzo, vinyl or concrete, is easy to clean and lowers costs.

    Waxnomor in a gloss finish, always stays fresh on your floor without polishing frustration. Lowers maintenance costs by eliminating the repetitive and costly wax and strip process. Waxnomor with Slipnomor additive is perfect for stairs, ramps and entrance ways. ColorRize with Waxnomor over top can reinvent any type of vinyl floor without having to rip it out. Easy to clean and always looks great.

    Auto Dealerships love Dr. Schutz floor coatings under tires.

    Eliminate the need for use of mats under car tires as our coating resists yellow staining.

    Marknomor, with superior stain resistance is the perfect solution for auto dealerships and resists staining from car tires (plasticizer migration) and other chemicals. A Satin finish provides the right amount of sheen and the showroom is easy to clean and helps maintain a clean, professional look.

    Garage floors work great with Dr. Schutz.

    Customize your garage floor with our many designs and options.

    Marknomor alone or Marknomor with our Slipnomor additive, is the perfect flooring solution for garage floors. It resist staining and provides a texture surface for liquid spills and resists plasticizer migration found in tires (yellow patches). Use over concrete, vct, epoxy or use ColorRize and ColorRize with chips to make your own special design. Protects floor logos too and can be used on painted walls for easier cleaning.

    Dance floors love Dr. Schutz for protection and slip resistance.

    Excellent slip coefficient of friction for dances such as salsa, ballet, waltz, modern and more.

    From ballrooms to ballerinas, Waxnomor offers a smooth finish with the right resistance to make all types of dance floors perform longer and be easy to clean without polishing..

    Commercial kitchens use Dr. Schutz for restoration and antislip.

    Perfect over epoxy, rubber or sheet vinyl floors, Slipnomor works great against liquids and flour.

    Waxnomor with our Slipnomor additive is the perfect floor system to use on commercial kitchen floors. From baker to butcher, Dr. Schutz offers great slip resistance with a roll on texture, not a broad cast medium, for an even result. Use ColorRize to completely restore the floor with minimal downtime. Use Renew cleaner for superior restoration, use Renew Color to recolor grout and use our Waxnonmor family of coatings over top of tile to always clean easy and look great.

  • Testimonials

    Don't take our word for it. Read what our happy customers have to say!

  • Our Liquid Floors Are Tested & Approved

    Our German engineering is put to the test by these many companies and testing facilities.

    Not worn down, even after 25,000 rotations

    In the surface test of the eph Dresden, Waxnomor fulfills the requirements of the DIN EN 14085

    After 25,000 rotations, (rolling chair test) on all resilient floor coverings., it was determined "no visible signs of wear were on the surface of all coated and tested floors".

    Highest durability against friction wear = Six times longer life

    In long-term tests of FIGR and WFK/FRT institutes, they determined Waxnomor had six times higher lifetime than conventional floor sealers.

    This exceptional position has now also been confirmed by Germany's flooring professionals with the 1st prize for the best range of care products in the industry in floor technology.

    Best assessment for health and the environment.

    Waxnomor and Slipnomor were tested by the GEV in European emissions tests (Emicode Test)

    Waxnomor achieved the highest grade "EC1". Waxnomor is also 100% solvents free and offers the highest protection, without harming human health or damaging the environment. VERY sustainable.

    Flame retardant on all surfaces

    Fire protection and the class of fire resistance plays an important role in buildings.

    The MPA Institute Dresden ascertained that Waxnomor and Marknomor shall retain fire resistance class on PVC, linoleum and resin floors according to DIN EN 13501-1

    Slipnomor keeps your feet on the floor

    The BGIA had no problem ascertaining that Slipnomor additive fulfilled R9 and R10 requirements.

    Slipnomor also passed the British pendulum test in accordance with BS standard 7976-2 as approved by the renown SATRA Institute.

    Suitable for Sports Floors, Waxnomor keeps you in the game!

    Safety is especially important on sports floors.

    Waxnomor was tested on sports linoleum and sports PVC floors by the MPA institute in Stuttgart for it's suitability. It not only passed faultlessly but also won an award.

    The first Sealer of it's kind with DIBt approval

    Waxnomor holds out on building sites.

    There had never been a sealer for resilient and resin floors which earned the approval of construction supervisors. Now the DIBt determined that Waxnomor and Marknomor are the first products to fulfill their condition for general supervisory approval on resilient and resin floors.

    Marknomor holds excellent resistance to chemicals

    The eph institute tested Waxnomor and Marknomor for resistance to chemicals - DIN 68861.

    The result: All requirements in group 1 were fulfilled, in addition, Marknomor is 100% resistant to plasticizers, whether from car tires, mats or furniture.


  • How to fix ...

    Learn more about how to fix your specific problem floor.

    This vinyl plank floor, located in the City of Calgary, was needing to be waxed and polished every 2 weeks and was badly scratched and unsightly. To replace the floor was going to cost allot of money. The costs involved for the labor to remove it, park and permit a large disposal bin on a busy...
    The ScratchFix floor repair kit by Dr. Schutz is a great Do It Yourself repair kit to fix deep or light scratches on these floor types: vinyl, vinyl plank, polyurethane coated hardwood floors or polyurethane factory finishes, or any surface or table top or chair with a polyurethane top coat or...
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